Telephony Integration

Manage your calls, texts & faxes in a single place

dispatch-software-featuredWhat if you could keep track of all your company’s phone calls, text messages and faxes in one location? How would it benefit your business if you could see not only when your biggest client last called, but also when she faxed the contract and texted your sales director with a question?

ArtusMode can integrate your IP phone/voice system, text messages (SMS) and faxes into a single system, simplifying your customer management process and helping improve your overall customer experience.

Features of ArtusMode’s telephony integration

  • Built-in call recording to keep track of customer requests and complaints
  • IP voice integration using your existing IP phones/platform or a fully cloud-based IP PBX replacement to your current system
  • Full inbound and outbound SMS support, which enables you to interact with your customers via text messaging
  • Digital management of incoming and outgoing faxes in all 50 states, allowing you to send, receive and store fax messages via ArtusMode
  • Click-to-call capability built into your website and your ArtusMode system, making it easier for your clients to reach you and for you to reach them
  • Caller identification system, which automatically loads and displays the caller’s sales history, preferences and other details in your ArtusMode interface, giving you immediate insight to the clients’ needs without having to search through your files

In today’s world where clients and prospects interact with your business via phone, text message and fax, among other channels, an integrated communications system is a must to providing exceptional customer service and growing your business.


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