Work Task Framework

Improve your productivity by building a framework for repeated tasks

work-task-framework2In the transportation business, our teams are often repeating the same, or similar, tasks day after day. Drivers conduct pre-trip reviews of their vehicles. Cleaning crews assess a vehicle’s condition, informing the operations team about any deficiencies. Mechanics evaluate how well the vehicles are running. While there’s some variation to each of these tasks, they are pretty much the same each time. But when you don’t have an established framework in place, you might not be getting the best results each time.

The ArtusMode work task framework will formalize your repetitive tasks and routine checks, making your employee more productive and helping your business become more profitable.

Here are a few of the procedures for which ArtusMode can build you a set framework:

  • Daily vehicle inspection reports
  • Routine maintenance checks
  • Vehicle pre- and post-trip cleaning
  • Pre-trip vehicle evaluations
  • Much, much more


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