Sales and Quoting

sales-and-quotingSimplify your booking process

Is it easy for customers to reserve your services? Do they have to call you directly or can they simply request information online? Conversely, is it easy for you to track upcoming reservations and potential sales?

With ArtusMode’s sales and quoting system, you’ll simplify your booking process, making it easier for customers to reserve your services and for you to track your sales.

Here’s an overview of the system’s features that will benefit your business.

  • Automatic price/reservation quoting of defined service types
  • Cloud-based pricing engine that can fulfill your lower priority or low variation transactions without human intervention
  • Integrated tracking analytics, so you can see which of your prospects opened your quotes and took action on them
  • Full email archiving and bounced email notification that lets you know whether your customers received your quotes
  • Simple online system for customers to request/confirm their bookings, which is easily integrated into your website, mobile website or mobile app
  • Optional integration with other popular dispatch software platforms like LimoAnywhere



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