Inbound Lead Management

Track your deals with just a few clicks

inbound-lead-managementHow many leads did your sales team work this week? Which member of the sales staff was the star of the week? Who has the best close rate? Do you even have visibility into your sales organization at this level?

By more effectively managing your inbound lead funnel, you’ll gain a better understanding of your clients and, in turn, be able to boost your overall sales and margins. ArtusMode offers an easy-to-use inbound lead management system that enables you to:

  • Serve leads based on customer scores, which are determined using various metrics and characteristics
  • Route leads to specific members of your team, ensuring your best sales people are managing the most valuable opportunities
  • Ensure you’re making best use of your resources and focusing on the highest priority and highest value leads
  • View a daily dashboard of sales opportunities, quickly seeing where each lead is in the sales process from inquiry to closing

Additionally, with ArtusMode’s inbound lead management system, you’ll gain valuable insight into your sales process and your team’s performance with on-demand  sales reporting and analytics.

Take control of your sales and take your company to the next level with inbound lead management by ArtusMode.



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