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Lead Scoring

Invest your time wisely with lead scoring

customer-satisfactionHow do you determine which of your leads and customer requests are most likely to turn into sales? How do you decide how to allocate your own time and that of your best people? Which requests should be high priority?

With ArtusMode’s lead scoring system, you can evaluate your leads to determine which will bring you the best results and which you should serve first. Our system works by:

  • Evaluating your lead and sales data over a period of time and learning what transactions are most profitable for your company
  • Applying scoring analytics to each incoming lead, using demographic and other data (as requested by your company) to create a customer score
  • Presenting you with a client score that reveals their priority in your business processes

You likely already have an idea about these data points and how they relate; it’s just not deployed in your business processes. ArtusMode makes that easy to do that, helping you to maximize your bottom-line.