LimoAnywhere Integration

LimoAre you a current LimoAnywhere customer? Do you need additional help understanding your sales analytics, ensuring DOT compliance, hiring drivers or maintaining your fleet? ArtusMode can help.

Our solution works in conjunction with LimoAnywhere, so there’s:

  • No need to enter data twice
  • An easy way to overlay things like
    • Customer surveys and follow-up on top of LimoAnywhere jobs data.
    • Full DOT compliance and vehicle maintenance
    • CDL driver hiring and management
    • TomTom Telematics GPS Tracking features

You get to benefit from the best of both our services. Using your LimoAnywhere API key, ArtusMode can easily overlay our sales analytics & quoting, DOT compliance, vehicle maintenance, driver hiring, and task/inspection frameworks into your LimoAnywhere platform, so they work in harmony with your existing booking and operational processes.


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