TomTom GPS Integration

PRO9100_order8545_USArtusMode integrates with TomTom Telematics to help you keep track of your drivers and your fleet, no matter if they’re parked in your facility or traveling down the highway for a job.

Here are examples of how TomTom Telematics and ArtusMode work together to serve you

  • Dispatch customer itinerary to GPS devices automatically, so your drivers don’t have to spend time entering addresses into the system
  • Provide real-time vehicle tracking for you and your customers, who can be notified of their vehicle’s status via email or SMS messaging
  • Inform your customers when vehicles are 10 minutes away from their pick-up location
    • Real-time status updates are sent from the cloud automatically so your operators can focus solely on driving and getting to the pick-up location safely and on-time
  • Contact your drivers with any urgent or emergency notifications via GPS messaging
  • Track your drivers’ behind-the-wheel performance, keeping track of whether they are braking too harshly, idling or driving aggresively
  • Gain access to comprehensive GPS data that can be used to help reconcile billing questions/issue
  • Use GPS data to trigger maintenance updates that are based on mileage or hoursTomTom LINK510 of service






TomTom Telematics

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