Customer Feedback Surveys

Find out how your business is doing from the people that matter—your clients

customer-feedback-surveysProactively reaching out to your customers to find out how well your company and your team are performing is critical to a successful business. Whether you’re asking what you do exceptionally well or in what areas you need improvement, your clients’ feedback will help your business to grow.

But how do you go about getting this feedback from as many customers as possible? By making it easy for them to give you their insight and ideas, and that’s where ArtusMode’s customer feedback surveys come in.

Benefits of using ArtusMode surveys

  • Surveys can be quickly created and sent to clients via email or SMS
  • Template capabilities allow you to save surveys for continued use
  • Advanced reporting functionality using metrics from each job
  • In-vehicle surveys using QR code
  • Fully configurable question and answer sets

What are you waiting for? Find out what your customers think of your business today with ArtusMode’s surveys.

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