Hours of Service (HOS) Tracking

Keep track of your crew’s DOT Hours Of Service in real time

man-on-cell-phoneAre you storing paper sheets of your part-time or 100 air mile driver 7/8 day forms? Escape the clutter of all those documents and cut the time it takes you to confirm your drivers’ hours of service (HOS) with ArtusMode’s digital HOS tracking system.

Our online solution not only simplifies the HOS maintenance process for your drivers, but also helps ensure you have accurate reports and better information–all of which supports your business.

  • Drivers can securely enter their HOS data via their preferred medium such as a web form, email, phone call or text message
    • Secure mobile-friendly forms can be sent to your drivers to capture this data
  • Anyone who’s at risk of exceeding their service levels is automatically flagged, so your operations team can be promptly notified
  • Every driver’s 30-day HOS report is maintained online, so you and your operations team can access it with just one click
  • Instant proof of compliance is available with a simple mouse click during a DOT audit
  • All data is security stored and encrypted  in the ArtusMode cloud



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