Daily Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIR)

Vehicle inspections simplified

dvirAre your drivers doing their DOT-required pre-trip inspections properly? Are you correctly tracking/re-mediating any defects your drivers find? Do your  mechanics have instant access to defect data so they can make the necessary repairs?

With ArtusMode’s Daily Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIR) functions, you can help ensure your drivers are doing their jobs and your fleet is in optimum shape, avoiding DOT fines, mechanical breakdowns and potential lost business.

Benefits of using ArtusMode for your DVIRs

  • Fully customizable DVIR checklists, available as
    • Printed forms, integrated with barcodes or QR (quick response) codes
    • Online versions accessible via mobile phone or tablet
  • Ability to upload images, videos and recorded audio files from mobile phones, ensuring you have accurate documentation of any potential issues
  • QR code integration to simplify the DVIR process for your drivers, cleaning staff and mechanics
  • Generate random inspections for various vehicles, proactively evaluating your vehicles to ensure they’re fully operational and up to your standards
  • Securely store inspection data in the ArtusMode cloud for audit and historical reporting purposes
  • Notices about emergencies or issues, once documented in your system, can be distributed automatically, ensuring the right person gets notified via the right medium


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