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DOT Company File Management

Stay in the know of your DOT company file at all times and all places

dot-company-file-managementAs a transportation operator, your company and your drivers are tracked by the Department of Transportation (DOT). And everything about your business and its operators is documented in your company file, which is maintained by the DOT.

Your company file contains a wealth of information and unless you’re always checking back with the DOT, you might not realize everything that’s in there. But ArtusMode can help make sure you’re always notified of what’s on that file, including your CSA (Compliance, Safety & Accountability) scores and operator basics.

With our DOT Company File Management services, you’ll be able to:

  • Track your overall CSA scores
  • Respond to roadside inspections and violations promptly
  • Gain access to reporting about which of your drivers and vehicles negatively affect your overall score
  • Manage the basics like vehicle maintenance, driver fitness and other items
  • Overlay data sets such as GPS logs and alerts for aggressive driving, harsh braking and idling, among other actions
  • Be ready for a DOT audit at a moment’s notice

You can also keep track of local regulations specific to your area and set renewal date reminders as needed.