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Driver Qualification File (DQF) Management

Manage all your DOT-required files for CDL drivers

dqf-managementUsing ArtusMode’s Driver Qualification File (DQF) management solutions, you’ll never have to worry again about whether your driver files are in compliance. Our easy-to-use secure document storage and management system keeps track of when your drivers’ DQFs might fall out of compliance and notifies your team to remedy the situation.

Here’s how it works:

  • Each driver and/or manager is automatically notified before any document in their DQF becomes invalid or is about to expire
  • Files, images and other related content are securely captured
  • Drivers and managers can then make sure to get the forms updated
  • New forms can then be easily uploaded to the site over a secure HTTPS connection, so sensitive driver information no longer has to be emailed between your team

Conduct instant risk assessments

ArtusMode helps you to easily see whether all your drivers are in compliance with the DOT DQF requirements, who are your worst offenders and which of your drivers wait to the last minute to update their information.

Store all aspects of DQF compliance

  • Consent forms, including background checks, Form I-9, pre-employment screening programs (PSP) and motor vehicle records (MVRs)
  • Prior employment requests
  • Road test certification
  • Driver’s license with attached copy and expiration date
  • Pre-hire MVR checks
  • Medical certificates and other forms
  • Annual reviews
  • Driver’s annual certification of violations
  • Confirmation of drug and alcohol policy acceptance
  • Pre-employment drug test results