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CDL Driver Hiring

Secure Web-Based Hiring

paperwork-overloadTired of sorting through partially completed applications or emails from Craigslist applicants? ArtusMode can help you simplify the hiring process with secure, web-based application processing.

With ArtusMode, your business can hire potential employees, anytime and anywhere.

How ArtusMode’s online hiring helps you and your drivers

  • Features web-based job applications for candidates that are easy for them to complete and for you to evaluate
    • Fully secure site that ensures your candidates’ personal information is kept safe and confidential
    • Legally compliant process based on state and federal regulations, including the Fair Credit Reporting Act
    • Applicants can use their mobile phone, tablet or PC to complete the entire process–even if it involves multiple steps–which helps ensure accuracy
  • Allows you to track your candidates’ progress through the various hiring steps
  • Helps ensure accurate data gets into the hands of your hiring managers
  • Audits all communications and timelines for each applicant

Additionally, ArtusMode offers you:

  • A comprehensive driver management solution that helps you to attract and hire qualified candidates
    • Coordinate initial job applications
    • Simplify hiring process for carriers that do not have dedicated HR staff
  • Automated application screening, which helps hiring managers eliminate unqualified candidates
    • Answer quickly whether the applicant meets your insurance or experience requirements
    • Present applicants’ information dynamically to designated insurance agent for review, approval or rejection
  • Form or process management, including
    • I-9 (E-Verify) – electronic or paper
    • Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Motor Vehicle Records (MVR)
    • DOT Pre-employment Screening Program (PSP)
    • Compliance, Safety and Accountability (CSA) infraction searches
  • Verification and monitoring services
    • Past employer reference checks, using two-way secure data exchanges
    • Driver’s license monitoring for Virginia and Maryland (additional states to be added)