DOT Compliance

Protect your business with an integrated & automated DOT compliance system

compliance-puzzleDo you keep up with the new Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations each month? Can you afford the fines when DOT comes knocking? ArtusMode helps you ensure compliance with DOT regulations by continually evaluating new DOT requirements, tracking your company’s adherence to these policies and notifying you whenever you need to take action.

Below are a few of the services we offer to help ensure your DOT compliance

  • Driver Qualification File (DQF) management
    • Full DOT DQF generation and maintenance with driver self-service option, so your operators can update their own profiles
  • Comprehensive reporting solutions
    • DOT accident reporting
    • Reports on Compliance, Safety and Accountability (CSA) data based on driver/vehicle and other metrics
  • Corporate policy development
    • Full company policy data that conforms to DOT requirements
    • Hours of service (HOS) policies
    • Drug testing policies
  • Various operations programs
    • DOT drug and alcohol program, automated test provision and results
    • Automatic connection to CSA data for DOT numbers, pull display roadside inspection data
    • Company license management
    • Daily Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIR)
    • Maintenance and vendor support management
    • Hours of service (HOS) tracking for full- and part-time drivers with comprehensive automated reports and operations access


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