Chauffeur Performance Measurement

Identify your best operators to ensure continued success

driver-performance-managementWhich of your chauffeurs always follow procedures? Which need a little additional training? Depending on the size of your operation and the number of chauffeurs you’ve contracted, chances are you might not know the answers to those questions.

But ArtusMode is here to help, giving you the information you need easily measure your chauffeur’s performance.

Here’s how it works:

  1. ArtusMode compiles a comprehensive record of information about your drivers and their individual performance, including
    • GPS-specific details, such as whether they were accelerating too quickly, braking too much or idling
    • Customer reviews
    • Operational metrics like whether they arrive on-time for each of their assignments
    • Accident data
    • Scheduling and availability
  2. We use that information to rank your chauffeurs, using points/scoring systems that you’ve defined for us
  3. Your leadership team can then use the system both to recognize and reward exceptional behavior and to identify potential problem areas
  4. You can also download and print these measurements, keeping them with any paper employee files you maintain

By more accurately and objectively measuring your chauffeurs’ performance, you gain valuable insight that will help you to improve not only your operations, but also your customer experience.


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