Business Metrics and KPIs

Measuring your success one data point at a time

Atablet-and-coffees a successful business owner, you’ve likely established a few key performance indicators, or KPIs, to tell you how well your company is running and whether you’re meeting your goals. But it’s not always easy to measure against your KPIs, especially when you’re using multiple systems for sales, accounting and communications, and have to pull together the data manually.

ArtusMode can help. With our KPI functionality, you can combine data sources from throughout your enterprise, including lead/sales data, QuickBooks accounting information, and GPS tracking, to measure your success.

KPI and business metric features

  • KPI graphing, using revenues, costs, personnel information and other relevant data
  • Notifications when you’re meeting (or missing) your targets
  • Trending of your KPIs, comparing how you’re doing this month versus last month, this year versus last year, and on and on

When you have the information you need in easily understood and actionable reports, you can make the necessary decisions to grow your business.


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